What is Pigasus Translations?

Pigasus Translations is a small but ambitious translation agency situated in Raisio, Finland. Our principal language pairs are the following:

English ↔ Finnish
French ↔ English / Finnish

If you or your company would like a translation involving the languages above, please don't hesitate to ask us for an offer.

How does this work?

Send us a message and we'll contact you. If you would like us to offer a price for a certain project, please consider including the following information in your message:

• the text you want translated. Once we see the text we can determine how challenging translating it will be.
• which language you would like to have your text translated to
• who is the target audience of the text (who will be using the translation -- this helps us to make a translation that will serve its purpose optimally)
• what is the deadline for the translation

We will go through your text and then get back to you with our offer. The VAT applicable to translation commissions in Finland is 24%. (Note: if you are a company located in some other country, you will be paying the VAT percentage defined by your country of residence.)

Why Pigasus?

We love our job. The reason why translating is a fantastic occupation is that as a translator, your trade is everything: a major part of being a translator is finding out about a great variety of topics from commerce and advertising to technology and law… and everything in between. As a result, each commission is new, refreshing and unique. We truly enjoy what we do and we hope it shows in the results.

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